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Hitman developer IO Interactive is working on a new James Bond game

The team behind the Hitman series is working on a new James Bond video game. The project’s current working title is Project 007.

Developer IO Interactive revealed the news with a brief teaser trailer that features the iconic James Bond theme and gun barrel. The trailer doesn’t explain much more, other than confirming that IO is developing and publishing the title itself. The game will be the company’s second self-published game following next year’s Hitman 3.

On its Twitter account, IO says that the game is a “brand-new James Bond video game with a wholly original story.” Project 007 is described as the “very first” James Bond origin story, which reveals how the character got his 00 status.

Project @007 (working title) is a brand new James Bond video game with a wholly original story.

Earn your 00 status in the very first James Bond origin story, to be developed and published by @IOInteractive.

More details:

— IO Interactive (@IOInteractive) November 19, 2020

While the announcement doesn’t mention anything about the game’s genre or if it will have multiplayer, IO’s history with the Hitman series could provide some hints. The developer is adept at creating stealth games, which seems like a perfect fit for a property like 007.

The news is significant considering that there hasn’t been a James Bond video game since 2012’s 007 Legends. The license for the series was previously held by Activision, but it had its rights revoked in 2013. Activision backed away from publishing licensed games shortly thereafter.

IO didn’t provide any details about a release date or which specific platforms the game will launch on. The studio says that its currently recruiting talent to work on the game, which seems to indicate that its still in very early stages of development. In the meantime, IO’s next project, Hitman 3, is set to release on January 20.

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