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If you’re on the Steam Deck waitlist, you’re getting one this year

Everyone that reserved a Steam Deck may get their console this year, as Valve announced that every reservation is being pushed to a closer mark. Many waitlisted orders are being moved to Q3 2022 and all other reservations that moved into 2023 are now to be fulfilled in Q4 2022.

The Steam Deck is an experimental portable gaming console comparable to the Nintendo Switch. It’s best described as a handheld gaming PC designed to play the Steam library. It’s been incredibly popular since its launch, but difficult to actually purchase. That may change soon though, according to Valve.

Great news: Everyone who currently has a reservation can get their Steam Deck by the end of this year! We’ve cleared up supply chain issues, a bunch of folks got moved up to Q3, and all other reservations are now in Q4.

More details here:

— Steam Deck (@OnDeck) July 29, 2022

“Hello! We’re excited to announce that we’re going to be able to fulfill demand sooner than we had estimated for everyone in the reservation queue,” Steam stated in an official news release. “Many of the supply chain shortfalls that affect Steam Deck are gradually clearing up, and we’re continuing to ramp production, so we’re able to produce more Decks faster than ever before.”

In the news release, Valve states that everyone who’s currently in the reservation queue will get their Steam Deck email this year. This means that all customers are set to get their Steam Decks within either the July-September or October-December windows.

Thanks to the supply chain shortages clearing up, there is still room for Q4 reservations as well. Valve says that should this new queue for Q4 releases fill up, the remaining ones will be added to the following quarter’s release window in early 2023 instead.

If you’re one of the individuals that want to get in on this early queue, you can join the reservation list here on the official Steam Deck website.

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