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Street Fighter 6 Tracking the Mystery Code: How to solve the Passcode Puzzles

World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6 is one of the most bizarre and unique modes in this package. Traditionally, fighting games focus on their multiplayer, with the single-player components usually just being a gauntlet of fights against CPUs, with a small cutscene and the beginning and the end. Not only does World Tour mode spice things up by adding hubs to travel around, masters to meet and train with, and tons of things to unlock, but it also adds in a ton of new gameplay mechanics besides your traditional 1-on-1 fights.

What you might not expect is that there are even puzzles. That's right, later on in the game you could easily be stumped not by a tough opponent, but a number puzzle. There are two of these passcode puzzles to overcome in Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode, but you can tag us in to solve them for you so you can get back to the action.



What You Need

  • Reach chapter 8-2

  • Reach the SiRN building

A poster with a clue to a code in Street Fighter 6.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

How to solve the Tracking the Mystery Code quest code

You'll get most of the way through World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6 before hitting your first puzzle, but it is part of the main quest, so there's no avoiding it. This will happen when you reach Chapter 8-2 and are doing the "Tracking the Mystery Code" quest.

Step 1: Your objective in this quest is to locate three posters hidden in Metro City that each have a clue to the code you need.

Step 2: The three posters are in the following locations, but they are also marked on your map, so they're not terribly hard to find: * On a cargo container in the Red Steel Factory behind Gomorrah * In Bayside Park (at night!) on a billboard beside the stairs near the water * On the window of the Full Tank Burger shop on Westbay Avenue

Step 3: Each poster has two letters and numbers, so the code isn't just given to you. Here's what each of the poster's codes are: * ST33 * ND29 * RD51

Step 4: The trick to these codes is that the first two letters are hinting at what order the numbers need to be entered.

These letters are the final two of the words first, second, and third.

ST would be first, ND second, and RD third, making the correct code 332951.

Step 5: Open your phone and enter the Messages app to input this code to progress to the next step of this quest.

A text message log in Street Fighter 6.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

How to solve the SiRN Staff Grace puzzle

A few chapters later, in 13-4, you will be given a math problem by a woman named Grace in the SiRN building to unlock a new contact. This is a tricky problem, even if you're good at math.

Step 1: Speak to Grace and get the problem.

Step 2: The math equation you need to solve is 2^6x3x643

Step 3: Now, we could go through all the steps and proper order of operations, but the solution ends up being so simple that you have a better chance at guessing it correctly anyway.

Step 4: Whether you decide to do the math or not, the solution is 123456. Yup, about as basic as it gets.

Step 5: Once again, pop open your phone, head into you Messages and input the code.

Step 6: Speak to Grace once more and wrap up this quest.

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