'Street Fighter V' roster update, Story Mode now coming in late June

Capcom has pushed back the launch of Street Fighter V‘s newest playable character due to “unforeseen delays,” and announced that the game’s next wave of content updates will now arrive in late June.

Returning brawler Ibuki will make her Street Fighter V debut later this month alongside the launch of a single-player Story Mode.

According to an announcement made earlier this week, ninja combatant Ibuki will be the latest character to join Street Fighter V‘s playable lineup, following recent roster additions Guile and Alex.

After making her debut in 1997’s Street Fighter III, Ibuki later joined the cast of Super Street Fighter IV. An agile ninja character, Ibuki relies on speed and misdirection during battle, making her a formidable opponent. Ibuki will retain many of her trademark moves in Street Fighter V, equipping players with throwing knives and explosive bombs in addition to a deadly arsenal of close-range attacks.

Despite promising frequent content updates for Street Fighter V, Capcom has faced difficulty in maintaining a consistent release schedule for new modes and roster additions. The publisher held back the launch of DLC characters Alex and Guile until the last weeks of March and April, respectively, and Ibuki missed her planned May launch window entirely.

Acknowledging its missteps and lack of communication with its fans, Capcom has pledged to “communicate information surrounding content releases in [Street Fighter V] at a much more rapid pace” going forward.

Ibuki’s forthcoming debut coincides with the launch of Street Fighter V‘s long-promised cinematic Story Mode. Boasting “several hours” of gameplay, Street Fighter V‘s Story Mode will reportedly bridge the narrative gap between previous series entries Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV, and will be available as a free update for all players starting later this month.