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Justice! Capcom dishes out penalties to Street Fighter V 'rage quitters'

street fighter v rage quitter league points docked gall
Last week, Capcom put the Street Fighter V player base to work in order to make the game a better place for everyone by asking them to record anyone who seemed to be “rage quitting” — disconnecting in order to keep their League Points from falling — and send the footage to the company.

Now the company is showing that there is some truth to the saying “quitters never win.” In a blog post on the Capcom Unity blog, the company says that roughly 30 players have been penalized by having their League Points docked, the very thing that led them to disconnect in the first place. With that said, Capcom wants to know that players don’t need to worry about the occasional disconnect wrongly identifying them as a cheater.

“To be clear, we are only targeting the worst offenders in our system, so if you have had a few instances of being disconnected during a match, you have nothing to worry about,” the blog post reads. “The players who fit the criteria of what we would call a ‘Rage Quitter’ typically have an 80-90% disconnect rate and their accounts sit far outside of the norm as compared to the majority of other players.”

While it asked Street Fighter V players to report potential rage quitters at first, Capcom now says this isn’t necessary, as it can now detect the behavior on its own. Moving forward, the company plans to continue monitoring the situation, scouting for players with extraordinarily high disconnect rates, particularly near the end of a match.

While this will no doubt keep wary players from disconnecting, at least too frequently, it’s still largely a stop-gap solution. Capcom says that a better system is in the works, though it can’t say when this will make its way to the game.

“While we don’t have an exact ETA on a permanent solution, we will let everyone know as soon as it is in place,” the blog post reads.

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