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Suicide Squad dev is reportedly working on a Director’s Cut for Hogwarts Legacy

Joker in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.
WB Games

Rocksteady Studios is reportedly now working on a Director’s Cut for Hogwarts Legacy following the tumultuous development and launch of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

A Bloomberg report detailing Suicide Squad’s rocky development Thursday morning explained that Rocksteady pivoted from a multiplayer puzzle-solving game to working on Suicide Squad following the success of the 2016 movie. Rocksteady leadership ultimately agreed with WB management’s request to make the game a live service title, but the historically single-player studio struggled to make that jump. The game also went through some massive changes during development, such as gameplay going from being melee-focused to gun-focused and a vehicle customization system being scrapped.

Management reportedly hoped that this would all coalesce into something good toward the end of development, but that didn’t happen. Instead, Suicide Squad launched in February to poor reviews; I gave it two-and-a-half stars and said it “constantly finds ways to stop players from enjoying this bombastic cooperative shooter.” The game was ultimately a massive flop for WB Games, although management reportedly told Rocksteady’s developers in February that layoffs wouldn’t make sense because WB is understaffed compared to other video game publishers.

Student holding a wailing mandrakes in Hogwarts Legacy.
WB Games

As for what Rocksteady will do next, the report concludes by saying that it’s now assisting with the development of a director’s cut for Hogwarts Legacy, 2023’s popular Harry Potter video game that was a massive success for WB. It’s also hoping to pitch a new single-player game project. When asked about what players should expect from long-term live service support for Suicide Squad, reporter Jason Schreier said the following on X (formerly Twitter): “Some bare-bones support, definitely not as much as they’d originally planned.”

If you do want to try Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League for yourself, it’s available across PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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