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Battle to be the best plumber in the 75-player, fan-made Mario Royale

Super Mario Maker 2 battle royale free web game fan made

A classic cease-and-desist letter from Nintendo is probably in the mail but for now, gamers can enjoy a fan-made version of Super Mario Bros. with a battle royale twist. As initially reported by The Verge, Mario Royale is a web game where 75 Marios race to finish all of the levels in a random world.

Super Mario Maker 2 releases this month and, at launch, random players will be able to race through custom levels from creators. Mario Royale takes the popular battle royale genre and applies it to the classic Super Mario Bros. levels while also giving gamers a taste of the random competition they’ll be facing in Super Mario Maker 2.

When you jump into Mario Royale, you’re placed in a lobby with a collection of up to 74 other Marios. Once everyone hits a “Ready” block or after a certain amount of type passes, the 75 players are dropped into a random world. Then, you must race all the way to the end of the world with the first player crowned the best Mario. Second and third place runners are recognized as well.

We played through a handful of attempts and the first thing that comes to mind is “chaos.” You can see all 74 competitors making their runs as you do, up until they get too far ahead of you or fall behind. When players get ahead of you, it is worth it to keep going because the player count can dwindle due to all of the hazards you encounter. Not only are you trying to get to the final flagpole quickly, but every player also only has one life. Thus, you can be the last of about 10 people but end up winning because the players ahead of you got greedy and ended up losing that one life.

Super Mario Maker 2 battle royale free web game fan made

If you want to put your platforming skills to the test, don’t delay. Nintendo isn’t known to let fan-made projects like these live for a very long time, so send it to your friends and get an early taste of what the competitive aspect of Super Mario Maker 2 will feel like. With Tetris 99 and Mario Royale showing us the inventive ways the battle royale model can be applied to unexpected places, hopefully more developers take note and innovate more within the genre.

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