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Story Mode and multiplayer are coming to Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct multiplayer story mode course world online

In the near future, gamers everywhere will be able to purchase Super Mario Maker 2 and start working on creating their nightmarishly difficult level. The game releases on June 28 for the Nintendo Switch and, on Wednesday, May 15, a roughly 15-minute Nintendo Direct dedicated to the game was broadcast. We learned about the game’s story mode, multiplayer options, online Course World, and more.

The Nintendo Direct essentially served as a full introduction to Super Mario Maker 2. The developers discussed a handful of different things a creator can do, including “stuff that isn’t possible in a regular Super Mario game.” We got a glimpse at different dynamic options players will have at their disposal, like the on/off switches that make different color blocks solid or intangible. We also got a chance to see that water levels and verticle levels are possible. Players can even create secret rooms or change the way sounds play when you jump on a specific monster or platform.

Further into the Nintendo Direct, the developers revealed a story mode for Super Mario Maker 2. The mode features more than 100 original courses created by Nintendo. It plays out over construction of a castle and players unlock new areas as they go along. Another new feature is the addition of the moon. When using the moon for your creation, it changes the level to a nighttime themed creation and that also changes the function of some of the enemies or items. The classic mushroom, for instance, turns into a rotten mushroom.

Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct multiplayer story mode course world online

Those with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription can share their creations online, so you will need the service to get the most out of Super Mario Maker 2. Course World is where players will share all of their creations. You can search by different tags, themes, style, and more. When you complete a course, if the function is enabled, you can leave a comment on the creation. You can download levels to play offline on your Nintendo Switch as well. Each player has a Maker profile that can be customized. Super Mario Maker 2 also supports multiplayer gameplay in Course World. Up to four players play against each other in races on randomly selected courses.

Nintendo also revealed the Super Mario Maker 2 2019 Invitational and the tournament takes place on June 8.

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