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Super Nintendo World will finally open its doors next year

Super Nintendo World is finally moving from being a Japanese-exclusive Universal Studios theme park, as it’s coming to the United States as well. Today, Universal Studios Hollywood announced that it is getting its very own installment of the Nintendo-based park in 2023.

Super Nintendo World - Official Tour with Shigeru Miyamoto

The partnership between Nintendo and Universal Studios theme parks was initially announced in 2015 and saw the grand opening of the first Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan on March 18, 2021. Since then, Universal revealed plans to expand this partnership’s bases to both United States’ Universal parks in Las Angeles, California, and Orlando, Florida.

While Japan’s entire Nintendo World is based on visuals from the Super Mario series, there is currently no word on what will appear in the Hollywood park. It may get the same attractions as its Japanese counterpart, including the Mario Kart virtual ride and Yoshi ride.

Super Nintendo World Japan also recently announced that there are multiple expansions of the park itself and its partnerships on the way in the coming years. In regard to a Pokémon partnership, the park announced that “authentic and one-of-a-kind theme park entertainment promise excitement for the entire family.”

There is also a Donkey Kong expansion set to hit the park that is said to launch in 2024, bringing Nintendo World to Donkey Kong Country. It’s possible that this could bring in the DK minecart ride that’s been rumored to appear in the park.

Fans who have been waiting for Nintendo to come to the States only have to hang on one more year until they can join the Italian plumber’s world at Universal in 2023. No word on the also announced Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Orlando has been reported just yet.

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