Sweet ride, brah: Destiny season pass gets you a free speeder bike that does tricks

sweet ride brah destiny expansion includes new trick sparrow vehicle tumblersparrow

Guardians that purchase the Destiny Expansion Pass or the first expansion The Dark Below by January 15 receive a bonus EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow, Bungie confirms. This new hover bike runs faster, jumps higher, and enables you to pull off sweet tricks like you’re Tony Hawk in power armor. Players who have purchased the expansion(s) receive the bike immediately, available for pickup from the in-game Postmaster.

Holding RT while mid-air on the Sparrow puts you into trick mode. Using the D-pad from there makes your rider perform moves like flips, barrel rolls and striking poses. If you land a trick successfully, you hear a sound acknowledging the accomplishment and your turbo is instantly refilled. Someone on Reddit has been compiling the available tricks. See it in action for yourself below.

Destiny‘s first major downloadable content, The Dark Below, launches for all platforms on December 9, 2014.