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Splitgate: The best plays we’ve seen in the hit shooter

First-person shooter game Splitgate is an absolute blast to play, and nearly as fun to watch. Since it exploded in popularity in July 2021, thousands of players have flocked to it, leading to lots of exciting gameplay clips being shared online. Something about the fast-paced nature of Splitgate makes it mesmerizing to watch, especially when players make good use of the portals. The portal mechanic allows players to traverse the map quickly, while also rewarding them for strategic planning and positioning. Other times, players are simply impressively accurate with their shots, which is just as satisfying to witness.

To show you just how exhilarating Splitgate can be to watch, we’ve rounded up some of the best clips on the internet, including a wide variety of expert plays across the board. From players who specialize in long-range battles, to fantastic uses of portals, and even some calculated rocket shots, these are the best Splitgate plays.

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First, watch streamer ZachsMaxed absolutely decimate the competition with a BFB.

Congrats to this week's Streamer of the Week, ZachsMaxed!
🟣Catch more CRAZY controller plays like this, live now!
🔵Find out how you can get involved

— Splitgate (@Splitgate) May 25, 2021

Or what about DeJay99‘s world record run on Atlantis?


Two years in the making I have been grinding for this!! #Splitgate #SplitgateBeta

— DeJay99 (@DeJay99TV) August 16, 2021

In this clip, Fintee manages to blast two enemies with one rocket … through a portal.

Rocket thru portal


— Fintee (@ParallelFintee) August 13, 2021

Here, streamer Hersh gets a disgusting set of eliminations thanks to the use of portals.

We love portal plays @Splitgate 😉

— Vove Hersh (@HershTV) August 22, 2021

Twitter user @rn_1st made us dizzy with this one, but the no scope was worth it.

CRAZY NO SCOPE! #Splitgate
Like + Retweet
[Sent in by @rn_1st]

— SplitgateClips – DM for feature (@SplitgateClip) August 21, 2021

We just love BFB plays. Twitter user @DunceTV shows their skills in Oddball.

Going off on Oddball #splitgate @Splitgate

— DunceTV (@DunceTV) August 23, 2021

We love efficiency. Check out Twitter user @CodyX25’s satisfying collateral snipe.

2nd day playing splitgate, first game, first life, first shot #splitgate #SplitgateBeta #splitgateclips #gaming

— KrZy Cody (@CodyX25) August 17, 2021

Here’s one more BFB play courtesy of Twitter user @RawBacon.

5v5 showdown on this shi goes crazy#PS5Share, #Splitgate

— Bacon (@xRawBacon) August 23, 2021

This clip speaks for itself. Twitter user @MattLikesGam3s really knows how to use the battle rifle.

TEAM SWAT :) #Splitgate #XboxShare

— Matt likes Games (@MattLikesGam3s) August 22, 2021

Here’s one way to gain control of the hill (by Twitter user @x_lbradley).

#Splitgate fully addicted 🤪

— BradtheSimp/ Simpgate (@x_lbradley) August 17, 2021

Twitch streamer dubzkillr knows how to use a sniper, as shown in this clip.

I might just be the best sniper in any game #Splitgate

— DubzKillr (@DubzKillr) August 16, 2021

Watch Twitter user @Srburp drop in with a midair rocket elimination. What an explosive entrance!

Splitgate is cool#PS5Share, #Splitgate

— Burp (@Srburp) August 15, 2021

Here’s a beautiful triple kill from Twitter user @trickspins.

my best on #splitgate so far :)

— geo 💫 (@trickspins) August 20, 2021

Enjoy this satisfying four-piece from Twitter user @Wfrankn_.

Clip from the splitgate stream last night #SplitgateBeta

— W Franklin (@wfrankn_) August 19, 2021

We lost count on how many eliminations Twitch streamer cyndaa_ earned here. Don’t blink.

Splitgate is the easiest game i've ever played

— auɢᴜsᴛʇ*•++ (@2heavensss) August 22, 2021

Take a look at this triple kill from Twitter user @ItsWolfieDude.

Triple Kill [Splitgate] #Splitgate


— wolfie dude (@ItsWolfieDude) August 19, 2021

Watch this expertly calculated play — or a “bamboozle,” as the player calls it — from Twitter user @Lrk_beardedjefe.

Bamboozled him at the end! Come squad up with @LrkTeam #Splitgate #SplitgateBeta #twitchstreamer #TwitchAffliate #twitchgaming

— lrk_bearded_jefe (@Lrk_beardedjefe) August 23, 2021

They don’t stop coming in Twitter user @severusgamingpr’s clip here!

Splitgate is so much fun!!!! #PS5, #Splitgate

— Severus Gaming (@severusgamingpr) August 17, 2021

Twitter user @xFloorsz doesn’t seem to be familiar with aiming down sights, but that clearly isn’t an issue.

#PS5Share, #Splitgate some pretty decent kills for my second ever game on splitgate, its pretty fun ngl

— G. Floors (@xFloorsz) August 18, 2021

Twitch streamer TagNJake doesn’t need an assault rifle or powerful weapon. A few melees and a handgun do the trick.

The funniest clutch I’ve had yet on @Splitgate 🤣#splitgate #xboxseriesx #controller #streamer #youtube #tagnjake

— TagNJake (@TNJ_Official) August 22, 2021

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