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The Callisto Protocol weapon upgrades: 4 weapons you should prioritize

The Callisto Protocol is a brutal survival horror game in the vein of Dead Space. In fact, it’s directed by Dead Space co-creator Glen Schofield. The two have plenty in common, including challenging combat that will no doubt leave you on the edge of your seat. To make your life easier, Callisto features an upgrade system that allows you to enhance the various weapons you find along the way. But which weapons should you focus on leveling?

In this guide, we’ll show you the four weapons you should prioritize upgrading in The Callisto Protocol.

Stun Baton

The Stun Baton in The Callisto Protocol.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you only take one piece of advice from this list, it should be this one: The Stun Baton is secretly the best weapon in the game. This is for a couple of reasons — mainly that it comes in handy when you run out of ammo (which is often). Since the gear that drops is randomized, you’ll sometimes find yourself with little to no ammo, making the Stun Baton your only option in some cases.

The other important factor is that certain bosses require (or at the very least — highly encourage) the use of the Stun Baton. That’s right, there are some bosses who are virtually invincible to bullets, forcing you to use the Stun Baton. We recommend upgrading the Stun Baton to the max to make your life easier — or at the very least, getting its damage to upgrade level 2.

Gravity Restraint Projector

The GRP in The Callisto Protocol.
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The Gravity Restraint Projector (GRP) is an underrated “weapon” that comes in handy during specific sections of the game. The reason it’s so effective is that it can be used to launch enemies into spinning fans, off platforms, or into metal spikes, taking them out instantly. Depending on your surroundings, the GRP can be more effective than any other weapon, and for that reason, we recommend upgrading its energy and recharge speed to max, if possible. Velocity is vital as well, but having more energy and recharge speed is more important.

Riot Gun

The Riot Gun in The Callisto Protocol.
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The Riot Gun is basically a shotgun, meaning it’s great for clearing out swarms of enemies. There are certain sections of the game that throw hordes of enemies at you, so having this weapon upgraded will come in handy. Specifically, we advise aiming to at least get the high-capacity magazine upgrade, which allows you to fire more shots before needing to reload. It also has an explosive round upgrade, which deals splash damage as well — a highly effective strategy for crowd control.

Hand Cannon

The Hand Cannon in The Callisto Protocol.
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Finally, we advise leveling up the Hand Cannon — the starting pistol. It’s not the most powerful, but it’s fast, which often gets you out of a bind when dealing with enemies that are about to mutate. It’s also a great weapon to level since you have it almost from the start of the game, giving you plenty of time to pour credits into it. Its greatest strengths are its “Boom Bullets,” which serve as its alt-fire module, causing explosive damage to enemies.

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