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Tom Clancy’s The Division beta will finally kick off at the end of January

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The public beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division, a massively multiplayer shooter loosely associated with series such as Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell, will begin in late January, publisher Ubisoft announced Friday via Twitter. Tests on PS4 and PC will be held from January 29-31. Xbox One players, who were promised a console-exclusive “first look” at the game, will be able to log in one day early, on January 28. Players can get access to the beta by pre-ordering the game or joining the public waiting list on the game’s website.

The news confirmed a rumor posted on Reddit last week, which successfully predicted the PC and PS4 beta start date. The user has since removed their source.

In The Division, Players control members of “an autonomous unit of tactical agents” tasked with managing a pseudo-apocalyptic crisis in New York city after a mysterious “epidemic” leaves the city most empty and devoid of law and order. Splitting the difference between MMORPG and Rainbow Six-style tactical shooter, the cover-based shooter will likely seek to replicate the loot-and-shoot gameplay loop of Destiny in a relatively grounded setting.

“As an agent of The Division, you’ll specialize, modify, and level up your gear, weapons, and skills to take back New York on your own terms,” the game’s website explained.

Developer Massive Entertainment has kept relatively quiet regarding the game’s development, considering the game is set to launch March 8. Ubisoft delayed a separate, console-exclusive Xbox One beta for pre-order customers in December, opting to run a small, closed test instead. However, an Italian-language gameplay video leaked earlier this week, showing new locations, weapons, and features from the game. Even with the beta and new footage, however, The Division remains one of the first major questions in the 2016 game launch calendar.

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