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This free Steam tool will make your Jackbox Party Pack nights even better

A screen from Jackbox Games' Tee K.O. 2 that shows a mountain with the words "Make a shirt" at the top.
Jackbox Games

Picture it: You’re at a party and you all decide you want to play a Jackbox party game. However, the person in charge has every single pack. How do you choose which game you play? If you want to play, say Trivia Murder Party 2 , how do you even go about finding it? Now the party isn’t fun anymore.

Well, in an announcement on Thursday, Jackbox Games revealed The Jackbox Megapicker, a free launcher that helps you view your entire Jackbox library and find the games you want.

Right now, it’s only been announced for Steam, but it’ll be launching sometime in July. No other details were revealed, including what the launcher will look like. Jackbox wrote in an announcement that it’ll be releasing more information closer to release. On launch day, it’ll also be running a Reddit AMA on r/jackboxgames.

The party games company preceded the reveal with some of the feedback it’s gotten from users about how complicated the experience has gotten. “How has Jackbox released seven party packs and not a unified combo-pack launcher?” one read. There have been a lot suggestions and complaints calling for a launcher. If you go into the subreddit, you can see the asks going back at least seven years.

There have even been some fan projects looking to rectify this problem. One is the Jackbox Utility, an open-source launcher you can use with Steam, on PC, or with the Steam Deck. Jack’s Trunk is another that’s been around for a few years; not only does it put all your owned Jackbox games together, but it can filter by your most played and by which titles are trending.

Jackbox Games’ popularity spiked during the pandemic as a great way to virtually socialize with others, and it’s been continuing to make updates. In April, the company announced the Jackbox Naughty Packwhich includes three games “full of spicy surprises,” although the pack hasn’t been released yet.

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