‘Breath of the Wild’: Best ways to kill time in Hyrule after conquering Ganon

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild review

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild arrived just over a month ago, making an impact that could put a Hinox’s lumbering footfalls to shame. If you’ve been playing this early game-of-the-year contender since day one, you may already know more about Hyrule than your own hometown.

Heck, the most seasoned Hylian heroes have probably secured the Master Sword, saved the princess, and slain Ganon by now. If you count yourself among that brave camp, you might be tempted to hang up your tunic and hit the road.

You don’t have to power down your Sheikah Slate just yet, though. As Breath of the Wild‘s massive open-world is absolutely brimming with exciting opportunities beyond its main quest. If you’re seeking further adventures following your final boss encounter, we have some idea for how you can keep the fun going even after you’ve finished the game.

More Time for Shrines

If you didn’t beat all of BotW’s 120 shrines before besting the final boss, there’s still so much work to be done. These mini-dungeons — hosting some of the game’s coolest combat encounters and most complex puzzles — are a worthy challenge whether you tackle them before or after the main quest is buttoned up.

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Eventide Island is especially worth seeking out, as it extends the typical shrine experience into a lengthy, challenging adventure. Set on a remote stretch of land, surrounded by the Lanayru Sea, it’s also one of the game’s best hidden secrets. Completing the island challenge also brings you one step closer to getting a green tunic inspired by Link’s classic garb, granted when all shrines are completed.

Become a Personal Chef

Some of our favorite moments in BotW involved standing over a cooking pot, wondering what delicious delicacy — or culinary disaster — might come from the various ingredients we hastily combined. Because cooking is easily one of the game’s most fun and addictive activities, we found ourselves continuing to master the craft long after the credits rolled.

While our bellies were already bursting with seared meats and skewered fish, we enjoyed experimenting to share our best recipes with friends still attempting to complete the game. Creativity is key to making great concoctions in Breath of the Wild, but we have a great cooking guide to help you get started!

Oh, the Memories…

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild review

If you’re anything like us, you probably uncovered just a handful of BotW‘s 13 Captured Memories before taking the fight to Calamity Ganon. These narrative nuggets aren’t easy to find, but they’re absolutely worth seeking out. On top of fleshing out the plot and bringing the story to a more satisfying conclusion, they’re located in some interesting, secret-filled spots you might not otherwise discover.

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