Matt Cabral

Matt Cabral

A full-time freelance writer hailing from Lizzie Borden's hometown, Matt Cabral has been covering film, television, and videogames for over a decade. You can follow him on Twitter, friend him on Facebook, or find him in the basement of an abandoned building hoarding all the canned goods, med-kits, and shotgun shells.

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League of Legends fans raise $6 million, but they’re not done yet

Fans can now vote on which charities around the world get the money they raised
Product Review

Oculus Quest review

Oculus announced that its Project Santa Cruz virtual reality headset will ship next year as the Oculus Quest, and we got to try out several new game titles on the Quest. Find out our impressions of VR without wires.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint wants to kill you, one way or another

We dive deep into Ghost Recon Breakpoint's survival-focused side with writer and military technical adviser Emil Daubon.
Movies & TV

Everything we know about Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park expansion

From piloting the Millenium Falcon to interacting with scum and villainy at a spaceport cantina, here's everything we know about Walt Disney World's and Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge expansions.

‘Far Cry: New Dawn’ is a fresh, postapocalyptic spin on a stale formula

Digital Trends visited Ubisoft's Montreal studio for an in-depth demo of 'Far Cry: New Dawn', the 'Far Cry 5' follow-up that's aiming to serve as both a sequel and standalone adventure in the sandbox series.

‘Sonic Forces’ Preview

In his next gen debut, Sonic gets a customizable sidekick and darker narrative overhaul, but is that enough to bring the series back to prominence?