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Titanfall’s imminent update adds private matches [updated]

first titanfall dlc coming may game modes later

UPDATE: Well that was fast. Check out the full patch notes right here. As expected, you won’t earn XP, you won’t make progress in challenges, and you won’t unlock Achievements when playing Private Matches.

ORIGINAL POST: Respawn Entertainment’s next title update for Titanfall, due to arrive today, adds the option for players to create private matches, a tweet from the developer confirms. The update also tweaks the game’s “Gooser” challenge, which awards players with an XP bonus for taking out 50 Pilots as they’re ejecting from a doomed Titan. That number proved to be too high for such a specific circumstance, so the title update pares the 50-kill target down to 5.

Private matches were promised as an addition to Titanfall shortly before the game’s release by Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella. There’s no explanation in the studio’s twitter feed of how the feature works, but you can safely guess that involves something along the lines of choosing a menu option for “private match,” then inviting friends in to have fun. It’s also a safe bet that you won’t be able to earn XP in private matches, but we’ll have more info on that when the update goes live and the patch notes are posted.

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