Trine 3 is coming in 2015, and it looks like it’s got some new twists to share

trine 3 announcement trailer

Trine 3: Artifacts of Power is bringing back the series’ fantasy take on puzzle-platforming play later in 2015 according to a beautiful announcement trailer from developer Frozenbyte.

As in the previous two Trine games, players take control of three heroes with differing abilities in a colorful, fairy tale world. The wizard, the warrior, and the thief are all needed to navigate the game’s puzzles, either controlled by friends playing cooperatively or by one player swapping between them as necessary.

This time around the action and exploration appears to more fully embrace the notion of a three-dimensional world. Where past games stuck to primarily side-scrolling 2.5D, the Trine 3 trailer shows off some new perspectives, such as gliding through an open-air space from an over-the-shoulder perspective or a mad dash from hopping, chattering teeth in which the heroes run directly towards the camera.

There’s no release date more specific than 2015 mentioned, and the only confirmed platform is PC. Both previous Trine games were released for Windows first, with other PC and console platforms following later. Check the game’s official website for updates in the coming months.