Tritton’s first line of Xbox One headsets create new chat options for gamers

trittons first line xbox one headsets ready ship tritton kunai headset
Previously announced at E3, Tritton’s line of Xbox One gaming headsets is shipping, with two of the three models now available. These are the first Tritton headsets designed specifically for use with Xbox One.

The Kama headset is the middle-tier entry in the Tritton line, featuring a lightweight build and 40mm stereo speakers. It plugs directly into the Xbox One’s headset adapter via a 3.5mm jack (meaning it’s also compatible with other devices that use the same connection), and it costs $60. The Kunai headset is a step up from the Kama in terms of sound quality. The design is roughly the same as the cheaper headset, but it features superior acoustics, increased comfort, and a detachable microphone. That one retails for $80.

The budget-oriented Kaiken doesn’t appear to be available just yet, though Tritton’s website lists it as an “end of July” release. It’s a mono, chat-only headset, similar in design to the Xbox 360’s official chat-only headsets from Microsoft though the Trittons are bulkier. That one’s going to retail for $45 once it’s available.

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