<i>Twisted Metal</i> Bringing The Love With Valentine’s Day Release

Eat Sleep Play’s David Jaffe recently confirmed that Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3 was being delayed past the end of this year and into parts unknown. Jaffe published an update today on the PlayStation Blog to confirm the now-official release date: February 14, 2012. Also known as Valentine’s Day. Show someone you love them by running them over and shooting them with rockets.

You can see Jaffe’s reveal in the above video, in which he is perfectly framed by a chintzy V-Day heart. There’s also the briefest of glimpses at a soon-to-launch new trailer for Twisted Metal, so you’ve got more to see there than redundant confirmation of the facts I just laid out for you. He says the trailer is coming sometime “this week,” but seeing as it’s already Thursday, we’ll forgive him if it turns out to be next week.

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