Ubisoft ‘We Dare’ game brings awkward eighth-grade parties to the console

We Dare

Honestly, it’s surprising it took this long. Ubisoft has recently released We Dare for the Wii and PS3, a game which propositions players to engage in various sexually suggestive activities and positions. A video promo has gone viral, depicting two couples spanking, kissing, and what not — all prompted by the game.

The marketing here is putting a new twist on video games; they actually lead to sex! Still, it’s obvious why this one is headed for European markets only. Ubisoft must be banking on the cliché, alternative Euro lifestyle, since its pitch even says, “The more friends you invite to party, the spicier the play is!” It’s not the first time video games have made an attempt to push the levels of innuendo, but this one doesn’t seem to single out the lonely nerd sector. We Dare is focused in on social gamers, the Guitar Hero, Wii Sports, Kinect Dance types. Hey, betting on social gamers might pay off, seeing as social media is a great way to ignite your sex life. But even for very… liberal Wii and PS3 gamers, We Dare just seems like a formulaic, horribly uncomfortable middle school birthday party — made so much worse by the fact that it’s for adults.

Safe to say this one is pigeon-holed in overseas markets – for now. But we’ve got to imagine something along these lines is destined for US shelves. Whenever that day comes, it will be just as hilariously disturbing.