Valve sending real trophies to hardcore Dota 2 fans who support The International 5

valve collectors aegis of champions international 5 dota 2

The biggest event of the year for Dota 2 fans, The International 5, is almost upon us. Last week we reported that between Valve and fans, over $15 million in prizes had been raised for the tournament. To reward fans who have contributed the most, Valve has something special in mind.

Valve announced the 2015 Collector’s Aegis of Champions on the Dota 2 blog yesterday. The Aegis is a “1/5th scale alloy replica, with antique brass plating, of the winner’s trophy at The International.” If that sounds like an awful lot to send people for simply pumping a few bucks into a free-to-play game, you’re right.

In order to have one of these trophies sent to them, players will need to have leveled their Compendium to level 1000. The Compendium is an in-game item built specifically around The International tournament that tracks players’ progress and offers in-game rewards. The Compendium is sold for $10, though players can also but one that starts at level 50 for $27.

It’s possible to level the Compendium without paying any more by completing Compendium, but if you’re going to get one to level 1000, you’re not going to do it without spending more money. The cheapest way to level up is to buy a bundle containing 24 Compendium levels for $10. You’ll need 40 of these.

Combine the level bundles with the level 50 Compendium, and you’re looking at paying $427 if you want the quick and easy path to one of these trophies. 25 percent of that price will go toward the prize pool for The International 5.

Of course, you don’t only get a piece of shiny metal for your trouble. Your name is inscribed on the back, and according to Valve, “when in a Dota match, the Aegis of Champions in the player’s fountain will have a special glow effect that lasts until the next International.”

Valve will begin sending out the Collector’s Aegis of Champions to those eligible after the International 5 Grand Finals. The event kicks off on August 3 at the Key Arena in Seattle and runs until August 8.