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'Watch Dogs 2' Human Conditions DLC adds new story mode missions, new enemy type

Watch Dogs 2 - New Missions and Old Friends in the Human Conditions DLC
Ubisoft’s open-world action game Watch Dogs 2 will get a brand new set of campaign missions and “substantial story arcs” with next week’s launch of the “Human Conditions” DLC expansion.

PlayStation 4 owners will get an early look at the Human Conditions DLC when it hits the PlayStation Network next week, while Xbox One and PC players will have to wait an additional month before they can check out Watch Dogs 2‘s latest add-on content.

Released for consoles and PCs last year, Watch Dogs 2 is a hacking-themed action game in which players control Marcus Holloway, a member of the anti-surveillance group DedSec. Set on the simulated streets of San Francisco, Watch Dogs 2 allows players to approach in-game challenges in a variety of ways thanks to its unique hacking mechanics, which offer a variety of solutions to enemy encounters and mission objectives.

In addition to a new enemy type and exclusive co-op challenges, the upcoming Human Conditions DLC will introduce several story mode missions that can be accessed during Watch Dogs 2‘s campaign mode. Watch Dogs 2‘s core campaign frequently parodied controversial real-world figures and events affected by hacking, and the upcoming Human Conditions DLC will follow suit with missions featuring self-driving cars and ransomware, among other elements.

“More than missions, these are substantial story arcs that give Marcus Holloway a fresh set of tech villains to smack down, unique hacking challenges to discover, and at least one familiar face to reconnect with,” Ubisoft teases. The publisher additionally notes that DLC missions will open up in Watch Dogs 2‘s campaign after players complete the Hacker Wars, Eye For An Eye, and Watched operations.

Watch Dogs 2‘s Human Conditions DLC is included as part of the game’s digital $40 Season Pass, and will be available for purchase separately at a yet unknown price. Human Conditions will launch first for the PlayStation 4 on February 21. Xbox One and PC editions will follow on March 23.

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