‘What the Golf?’ hilariously turns everything into your favorite sport

If you think golf errs on the boring side, indie studio Triband wants you to reconsider by asking yourself the question: What the Golf? An over-the-top golf game that turns the sport into a supremely wacky collection of mini-games, What the Golf? is currently looking for crowdfunding support on Fig.

The trailer starts innocent enough. A golfer takes his backswing but when he follows through, instead of launching the ball, the golfer himself flings like a ragdoll into the pin while the club launches over the edge of a cliff. Then we see a golf ball knock down some cats, hit a toaster to pop out fresh bread. Strange? Yes, but also hilarious.

It only gets more ridiculous from there. We see house get smacked through traffic, an egg cracking in a frying pan, and even a horse slapped off a diving board.

“Over the past year, Triband has created a new golf-inspired game a day and over this slow descent into madness, they’ve started seeing golf everywhere. All games are golf games to them. When you see a platformer or a goat simulator, they just see yet another potential golf game — and they are all going to be part of this game,” the studio said in a press release.

All of the mini-games feature the same flicking mechanic seen in arcade golf games, only many of them have absolutely nothing to do with golf. And that’s kind of the point. Based on how Triband describes What the Golf?, the zany compilation strives to make you laugh as much as it wants to offer an engaging experience. The game will even have golf boss fights so it’s definitely one of the more unique games that has riffed off of the leisurely sport. It may even rival Golf Story in terms of comedy.

For golf fans who take offense to golf being called boring, Triband obviously has taken a tongue-in-cheek approach for promoting the crowdfunding campaign.

“In the ’60s NASA went to the moon to see if they could make golf fun,” said co-creator Rune K. Drewsen. “Guess what, they couldn’t. So now we are giving it a go.”

As of writing, What the Golf? has received more than $18,000 of its $50,000 goal. What the Golf? is slated to launch later this year on PC.

As with all crowdfunded projects, though, you should be aware of their potential pitfalls.