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21 years after launch, Worms Armageddon update adds 61 new features

Worms Armageddon, the classic turn-based worm warfare game, received an update that was more than seven years in the making.

The game’s developer, Team17, announced Worms Armageddon Patch 3.8 through a trailer that showcases some of the update’s contents.

Worms Armageddon - Patch 3.8 Trailer!

In a post on the game’s Steam page, Team17 detailed some of the new additions to Worms Armageddon, including 70 new scheme options to customize matches, frame rates that adapt to the player’s hardware, windowed mode, improvements for streaming, the ability to add CPU teams to online matches, and translations to seven languages with four more on the way.

Worms Armageddon players also gain access to the Mapshot feature, which will allow them to save snapshots of the current state of the map that they are playing in. They can then start new games on the map, for a rematch or to continue an interrupted session, for example.

The update also improves the game’s compatibility, allowing it to run from Windows 95 to Windows 10, and also on Wine or Proton on Linux. The addition of windowed mode also allows players to bypass screen resolution requirements.

Overall, Patch 3.8 contains 370 fixes, 45 changes, and 61 new features, according to Team17, which is certainly not a bad update for a 21-year-old game. This is the kind of longevity that modern games hope to achieve.

Team17, meanwhile, is also working on the next game in the series, titled Worms Rumble, which is already in closed beta. The game is set to launch this year, and Digital Trends has reached out to the developer to try to get a more definite release window.

Worms Rumble Announcement Trailer

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