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Motorola adds new features to Razr’s outer display with Android 10 update

Motorola’s foldable Razr phone launched in 2020 with Android 9 Pie, leaving many customers scratching their heads as to why it didn’t go with the latest version of the mobile operating system, Android 10, which landed five months earlier.

Well, the head-scratching can now stop as Android’s latest operating system has finally arrived for the Razr in a long-awaited development that adds some subtle enhancements to the pricey device.

Besides the general improvements offered by Android 10 such as a system-wide dark theme and new gesture navigation, Motorola is also adding a bunch of new features to the Razr that brings extra functionality to its 2.7-inch outer display.

Focusing on this better experience in a newly released promo video (video), Motorola has gone with the tagline, “fully closed, fully capable.”

So, what do we have? Well, the improvements for the Razr’s outer display include the ability to show Google Maps directions, make video calls, and control your music more easily. You can also reply to incoming messages by tapping out responses on a full keyboard instead of just selecting from suggested phrases, though you can also use the Smart Reply feature if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to type.

And there’s more. Swiping left on the Razr’s smaller display brings up your favorite contacts so you can quickly initiate a call, while swiping right lets you snap a selfie. You’ll also find additional camera modes that include group selfie, portrait mode, and spot color, among others.

While the improvements won’t do anything to deal with the Razr’s many weaknesses, such as its lousy battery life, disappointing camera, suspect build quality, and that crazy price tag, the new features will certainly be warmly welcomed by anyone that forked out for the device as they give the outer display a new lease on life.

Android 10 begins rolling out globally for the Razr now.

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