Veteran Xbox Live Indie Games developer launches Steam compilation

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Standout Xbox Live Indie Games developer Mommy’s Best Games has released a Steam compilation featuring four of its titles that were previously exclusive to the Xbox 360.

The release follows up on Microsoft’s recent announcement that it will shut down the Xbox Live Indie Games service in 2017, permanently ending support for thousands of community-created titles.

The planned shutdown will bring a halt to new XBLIG releases in 2016, followed by the permanent removal of all Xbox Live Indie Games from Microsoft’s online storefront in 2017. Players who purchased Xbox Live Indie Games releases will still be able to redownload their purchases afterward, and Microsoft notes that it is “working with game conservationists and creators to preserve the legacy of XBLIG content.”

Mommy’s Best Games approached the shutdown as an opportunity to port its games to other platforms, producing the four-game Mommy’s Best Action Pack for Windows PCs this week.

Mommy’s Best Action Pack features the Contra-inspired run-and-gun shooter Weapon of Choice, which originally launched as one of very first Xbox Live Indie Games releases in 2008. Weapon of Choice upgrades the classic genre with twin-stick shooting mechanics and a slow-motion feature that allows players to escape imminent threats.

The package additionally includes Shoot 1UP, a vertically scrolling shoot-’em-up that gives players control over an entire squadron of heavily armed ships. Players can widen their fleet’s formation at will, increasing the game’s challenge while upping their destructive capabilities.

Also included in the bundle are the Cybernator-inspired 2D mech shooter Explosionade and the XBLIG-satirizing manic shoot-’em-up Game Type. All featured games have been upgraded with Steam achievements, trading cards, and controller support, among other additions.

Mommy’s Best Action Pack is priced at $8. Featured games can also be purchased individually for $3 apiece.