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Modder turns PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 Slim into ‘laptops’

PlayBook 4 S - The NEW SLIM PS4 LAPTOP
Next month, Nintendo will release the Switch, a piece of video game hardware that blurs the line between home console and portable system. However, modders have been pursuing this kind of project for years, and it’s now possible to commission your own PlayStation 4 “laptop” — if you’re willing to foot the bill.

Ed Zarick is a talented modder who operates the YouTube channel Ed’s Junk. Last year, he built a portable Xbox One S shortly after the system was released, and now he’s turned his attention to another recent piece of hardware, the PlayStation 4 Slim.

Zarick calls his creation the PlayBook 4S. The stock system’s innards are placed inside a clamshell design alongside a 19-inch display, resulting in a version of the PlayStation 4 that lends itself to long journeys, or just about any other scenario where you might want to keep a video game console on hand.

The build doesn’t feature a battery, so you’ll need to plug your PlayBook into a power outlet, according to a report from Polygon. Zarick has included an HDMI out port on the rear of the system, meaning that you can hook it up to a big-screen television when it’s convenient to do so.

As well as the PlayBook 4S, Zarick also shows off one of his recent commissions, a portable version of the PlayStation 4 Pro. The customer apparently requested a 24-inch display, which makes the system a little less mobile, but more impressive.

Zarick decided to get creative with the extra space he was afforded thanks to the large screen size. This particular PlayBook features an Android tablet built into the console itself, which allows users to take control from the PlayStation app without any extra hardware.

Anyone can purchase a PlayBook from Zarick, but these custom-built consoles carry a hefty price tag due to the amount of work required. A PlayBook 4S will run you $1,495, or $1,195 if you send him your system to be used in the build.

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