Users have found ways to break the 24-hour Amiibo drop rule in 'Breath of the Wild'

One of the best aspects of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the thrill of discovery. From new weapons to armor to horses to valuables, the sprawling lands of Hyrule will gradually reveal secrets to the most attentive of adventurers. And though it’s fun to scale mountains and paraglide across lava, canvassing vast stretches for your next great find, sometimes you may just want a useful item to fall right in front of you. That’s where Zelda Amiibos come in, and with a little trickery, treasure chests can rain down from the sky as many times as you’d like.

Nintendo’s NFC-enabled figurines can technically only be used once every 24-hours, but as Kotaku reported, there’s two ways to get around the rule. First, many of the 15 Zelda-themed Amiibos have exclusive rewards that have low drop rates, so save scumming — the process of constantly reloading a previous game to reach different results — has become popular for those desiring specific in-game assets. For instance, connecting Toon Link to Breath of the Wild is your only avenue for unlocking Link’s garb from The Wind Waker.

There’s another slightly more tedious method for skirting the 24-hour restriction, and it doesn’t require losing the loot you acquired by save scumming. If you disconnect your console from the internet and push the system’s internal clock forward 24-hours, the timer effectively resets. Rinse and repeat, and reap Amiibo rewards to your heart’s content.

Reddit user ShugoTakahashi data mined the figurines and has compiled a list of items connected to all of the Zelda Amiibos except for Twilight Princess Wolf Link, which spawns a wolf companion to join you in battle.

If you’re interested in rewards from the sky, you may have to do some real world adventuring. Nintendo released five Breath of the Wild Amiibos, and while those aren’t extremely difficult to secure right now, it’s likely they will be scarce before long. The 10 Amiibos that came before them? Be prepared to pay an unfortunate premium.


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