Need a new laptop? We’re giving away a Dell XPS 13 compact laptop PC

In the past, if you wanted a slim and super-light laptop, your best choice was to stick with something like a MacBook Air. Slimline laptop PCs generally lagged well behind Apple’s offerings, and unless you wanted to deal with one of those goofy little 11-inch netbooks that were a nightmare to type on, your Windows options were fairly limited.

But Apple hasn’t held this edge against other laptops in recent years as MacBook innovations seem to have slowed while PC makers keep upping their game in big ways. Dell, in particular, has hit a home run with its fantastic XPS series, and we’re giving our readers a chance to score one for themselves, with one grand-prize winner taking home a brand-new Dell XPS 13 Windows 10 laptop.

Compact laptops can sometimes be hit-or-miss. This smaller form factor is hard to pull off properly, and these designs have to strike a careful balance between laptop functionality and tablet-like convenience without sacrificing portability or hardware capability. Start packing in too much beefy hardware and the computer will end up being too bulky and heavy, but make it too small and light and it won’t be powerful enough to perform well.

Dell has successfully threaded this needle with the XPS 13, which our review team named the best 13-inch laptop you can buy and the best laptop of 2018. Under the hood, this super-light compact computer punches well above its weight class with an 8th-generation Intel Core i7 CPU, a beefy 16GB of RAM, and a generous and snappy 512GB solid state drive. It comes loaded out of the box with Windows 10 as well.

Just as impressive, especially for a laptop of this size, is its crisp 4K display. The 13-inch screen boasts an Ultra HD resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, something that was unheard of for displays this small until very recently. The internal battery on the 4K also provides about 10 hours of juice when running under constant load, so you’ve got more than enough in the tank for a day’s work before needing to recharge.

To secure your place in the giveaway contest, simply submit your entry below. You can also visit Dell’s website, where you can find more details, photos, and videos about the new 2018 XPS 13 laptop.

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