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Take a spinning class while the bus wheels are spinning with 1Rebel

1rebel spinning bus london screen shot 2016 05 16 at 5 01 pm
The wheels on your stationary bike go round and round, and so do the wheels on the bus upon which your stationary bike is, well, stationed. Thanks to British fitness company 1Rebel, you may be able to take a fitness class on your morning commute, both saving time and sparing the environment while getting your sweat on. It’s almost like killing three birds with one stone.

The fitness company, which claims to be revolutionizing London’s exercise industry, currently runs a series of “centrally located, no-contract ‘pay-as-you-train’ boutiques” that promise “highly intense fitness sessions against a backdrop of live entertainment.” Rather than taking you to the gym, Rebel1 takes you to chic settings that feature “bespoke playlists curated and mixed by internationally acclaimed DJs.”

But now, it wants to do even more.

If 1Rebel obtains the necessary clearance from the local government in London, it will take a commuter bus and turn it into a moving spinning studio. The company says it’s already in conversations with several bus companies, and once it has legal permission to do so, the bus could be ready to launch as early as the fall.

The bus, if approved, will traverse popular commuter routes throughout the city, but will end its journey at 1Rebel studio so that you can hop in the shower and freshen up before heading off to work. Currently, the plan is to charge between 12 and 15 pounds (around $17 to $22) for each 45-minute class, which seems plenty reasonable given the exorbitant rates charged by some other boutique fitness studios in major metropolitan areas (namely New York). Plus, you’re basically getting a free ride across the city (though you’re just going to have to hope that your office or final destination happens to be close to the 1Rebel studio).

So if ever find yourself wanting to work out on the move, quite literally, you may consider a trip to London after the summer, and just hope that 1Rebel’s cycling studio on wheels is a dream that becomes a reality.

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