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Boost your swing with new Powerband BOA Boost golf shoe from Adidas

Ask any golfer about their equipment, and you will quickly find that you can’t wear just any pair of shoes. They need to provide traction, comfort, and stability — and the newly announced Powerband Boa Boost from Adidas do just that.

The main catalyst behind the shoe’s development was to provide the necessary components to maximize a golfer’s swing speed. The Powerband Boa Boost deliver the necessary traction, and also has added technology for better energy return and lateral stability, as well as improved comfort.

For the past decade, Adidas has been adapting the technology within its Power brand shoes. The Powerband Boa Boost is the culmination of these efforts and includes what Adidas calls the Powercage chassis system. Basically, the shoe uses supportive materials and straps in the center saddle to hold down the middle of the foot. A new L6 Boa closure system at the top of the tongue allows for fast and easy adjustability. Not only does this enhance lateral stability, it also allows for a more customizable fit.

Giving the shoe its traction are six, strategically placed cleats in the outsole construction. The cleats add grip and stability, but their low profile nature also improves their green friendliness. These shoes won’t be tearing up the golf courses anytime soon.

For added comfort, Adidas included the Boost midsole and a slightly rounded toe shape. The midsole provides some energy return while the shape provides more volume, improved comfort, and better stability. The Climaproof stretch microfiber also means your feet will stay dry in the morning dew. That’s important for a full day of golfing.

The new Powerband Boa Boost is available in two colors — black and white — for $180 a pair. More colors will be added in the coming months.

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