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Win an InsideTracker Prize Package worth $1,725 and optimize your health

As anyone who has tried to get in shape knows, there’s no regimen guaranteed to work for everybody. Each of us is unique, with different metabolisms, body compositions, and biomarkers, so it stands to reason that the effectiveness of a particular workout or diet will vary from one individual to the next.

That’s the science behind InsideTracker, an ultra-personalized nutrition and performance platform. InsideTracker uses data analysis derived from blood and DNA tests, as well as your fitness trackers and information you enter about your habits and diet, to make science-backed for improvements in your fitness and nutrition. It is like a personal trainer, registered dietician and longevity expert rolled into one easy-to-use app. InsideTracker provides those seeking better-than-ever performance a clearer picture then they’ve ever had before of what’s going on inside their body.

InsideTracker is going to give one lucky winner The Ultimate InsideTracker Prize Package, which includes two Ultimate InsideTracker Tests, one InsideTracker DNA Kit, two InsideTracker InnerAge Tests, and a review with a registered dietitian. That’s a prize value of $1,725! Make sure you enter to win!

How does InsideTracker work?

InsideTracker was patented in 2009 by Dr. Gil Blander, an expert in longevity and biometric data who, along with colleagues from Harvard, MIT, and Tufts, created this personalized nutrition and lifestyle platform. Its digital platform will tell you what you need to do and why you need to do it, then let you choose the goal on which you want to focus. InsideTracker uses the data from your blood, DNA and fitness trackers to create a science-backed action plan to help you optimize your body and reach your goals.

The InsideTracker Platform

InsideTracker doesn’t merely show the “normal” biomarker zones, it shows you the optimal biomarker zones and numbers that are best for your body. The InsideTracker platform will also figure out what nutrients you are lacking and make recipe suggestions based on what your body needs. Plus, it will track your progress and make adjustments accordingly, as well as tell you what is having the most impact. It also allows you to create daily actions and set reminders to keep you on track.

Of course, there is only going to be one winner of The Ultimate InsideTracker Prize Package. But luckily everyone else is a runner-up! We’re pleased to be able to offer a special Digital Trends discount of 25% off any of InsideTracker’s plans. You can choose among five plans ranging between the Ultimate plan, which includes blood testing and 43 biomarkers, and the DIY plan, which uses past blood tests and biomarkers that you provide. You can then add on features like the InsideTracker DNA Kit, which will analyze up to 261 genetic markers, and InnerAge, which calculates your real age from the inside. Whichever plan you choose, get ready to transform your body’s data into true knowledge, rich insights, and customzied actions plans to guide you and your optimal self.

InsideTracker Test Kit Bundle