Save your own bud: Airbudz earbud attachments take the world off mute

airbudz safesound

Most every denizen of the digital age has been on both sides of a common issue with noise-isolating earphones. Whether you can’t hear someone speaking to you, or you’re constantly repeating yourself to someone else who’s bopping their head, it can be frustrating. More than that: it can be dangerous.

According to Tammy Erdel, Founder of SafeSound Products, injuries to pedestrians listening to earbuds have more than tripled in the last six years.

In response to that alarming figure, SafeSound has created Airbudz, an earbud attachment designed for environments where hearing ambient noise is essential for safety. Runners, skiers, skaters, and bikers can all be at risk if unable to identify hazards around them using their sense of sound. But built-in air channels allow Airbudz users to simultaneously tune into music and the outside world. The attachments fit most products with removable tips, allowing you to cater your listening experience to the situation at hand.

We’ve had a harrowing experience or two while shut off from sounds of impending danger, so it seems to us there’s a niche for such a product. At only $15 for a pack that includes nine pairs – three of each size (S, M, LG) and three of each color – they won’t break the bank either. Available colors include monochrome, jewel tones, patriotic, primary colors, caribbean, glow in the dark, neon and black. Buyer beware: Glow in the dark will run you an extra buck.

Airbudz are available now.