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Amazon seemingly confirms the existence of the rumored Fire TV Cube

Amazon may have shown its hand early and revealed the existence of the previously rumored “Fire TV Cube.”A mysterious sign-up page has been discovered on Amazon’s website that allows you to subscribe to email notifications for news on an upcoming “Fire TV Cube,” and asking point-blank “What is Fire TV Cube?” Beyond that, no further information is given, nor is there any indication of what exactly the “Fire TV Cube” is going to be. Might as well sign up, in that case.

While this discovery certainly indicates that we will be hearing news about the future of Amazon’s Fire TV at some point in the near future, this isn’t the first time rumors about the Fire TV Stick have surfaced. In September 2017, AFTVews, the same publication that discovered the sign-up page above, leaked images of what the next Fire TV could potentially look like, as well as information on potential features and specs. One of the more exciting rumored features is hands-free control of Alexa. While hands-free Alexa control is technically possible on the current Amazon Fire TV, it requires an Echo Dot or similarly Alexa-integrated device. Otherwise, you have to use the voice remote — which definitely isn’t hands-free. One of the draws of the so-called Fire TV Cube would ostensibly be removing the need for that second device thanks to a rumored built-in speaker, essentially creating an all-in-one solution. The leak also mentions that the Fire TV Cube could be controlled via Alexa, and receive notifications through the speaker, even when the TV is off.

Other rumored features include support for 4K UHD resolution, high-dynamic range (HDR), and run on Android 7. It is reportedly meant to be a mid-tier option, situated between the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV 4K in terms of its specifications and budget.

While the leaked images and benchmarks are compelling, the web page is the first time Amazon has acknowledged the device — or at least indicated that a Fire TV announcement is on the horizon. That may be as close to a smoking gun as we have had yet, but it’s worth pointing out that this was a discovery by a third party, not an official announcement from Amazon. While the webpage is real, we still don’t have official confirmation quite yet.

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