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Anthem unleashes refreshed receiver line, Paradigm flashes 7.1 sound bar

Paradigm/Anthem came to CEDIA Expo this year with a refreshed line of its MRX A/V receivers and a new 7.1 sound bar solution which the company describes as its best effort yet in the increasingly popular category. 

Anthem first introduced its MRX-series A/V receivers two years ago. The MRX-700 was one of the most neutral and clean-sounding receivers we’ve reviewed, with plenty of muscle to match. Our only complaints were that the user interface was a bit clunky, the front face came off as utilitarian, and the company’s ARC room calibration system took way too long, even if it was the best consumer-level system of its type that we’ve tested. These new models address all of those issues. The front face appears much more sleek, the user interface is said to look and feel more modern and the ARC system now takes just five minutes to complete. 

The 90-watt per channel MRX-710 and 75-watt per channel MRX-510 are due out in October at $2000 and $1600, respectively. The 60-watt per channel MRX-310 will debut in early 2014 for $1200

Paradigm’s latest effort is a larger, more robust sound bar with 7.1 virtual surround sound processing which it calls Soundscape. We were unable to audition the sound bar, but if Paradigm’s previously released Soundtrack sound bar is anything to go by, we expect good things. Especially considering the bar’s relatively lofty $1400 price tag. The sound bar is a looker, though, with a sleek gloss black exterior, solid cabinetry and overall high-quality feel. 

Check out our video above for a closer look. 

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