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Planning on buying the new Apple TV? It could cost up to twice as much as the original

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Since skipping its expected appearance at WWDC earlier this year, each new detail that has surfaced about the Apple TV points to it being a much more exciting device than its predecessor. With less than two weeks to go until its official unveiling, though, one new detail may have some prospective buyers reconsidering the streaming box.

While the current Apple TV launched at $100 and fell to $70 in March, the next generation of the new device could cost significantly more. Just how much? Anywhere from $150 to $200, according to sources speaking to 9to5 Mac.

Right now if a consumer is considering purchasing a streaming box, they have a few factors to evaluate in making their decision, but price isn’t one of them. Apple TV has iTunes, Roku has a massive library of “channels,” and the Amazon Fire TV has voice search and gaming functionality, but they can all be had for $100 or less.

Of course, there is some justification for this higher price, as the fourth-generation Apple TV seems to be a much more advanced piece of hardware. The new model features Siri integration, an updated remote with touch and possibly motion controls, and its own App Store.

Apple does have a plan for those who prefer to pay less for their media box. Unlike previous Apple TV updates, which immediately supplanted the previous generation, the third-generation Apple TV will continue to be sold. And when Apple’s upcoming live TV streaming service launches, it will also be available for the third-generation Apple TV, so customers won’t have to buy a new box in order to ditch their cable subscription.

When that TV streaming service could be coming is still up in the air. Apple reportedly wants to charge $40 for the service, expecting cable companies to take the hit by charging Apple less. These companies are less than thrilled by the proposition, and negotiations have remained stalled for the time being. There is no word on when the service is expected to go live, but it certainly won’t happen this year.

The newest Apple TV is expected to be unveiled on September 9 alongside the newest iPhones, and will likely ship in October.

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