Bandai’s ‘Freedom’ First U.S. Twin Disc

The first triple-layer HD DVD/DVD Twin disc is slated to hit the North American market on June 26…and its not a blockbuster title from a major Hollywood studio. Bandai Visual has announced that its popular anime title Freedom will hit North American and Japanese retailers on June 26 (PDF) making it the first HD DVD/DVD Twin disc to reach consumers. Although a few titles have been released with HD DVD data on one side and standard DVD on the other, the Twin disc format offer three layers on the same side of the disc, and any of those layers can hold either HD DVD or standard DVD content.

The Twin disc will be the first time Freedom has been available to North American audiences; the action-filled, sci-fi story focuses on a youth whose actions threaten the security and peace of Eden, a city on the surface of the moon which happens to be the last human settlement. Freedom has also been used in a series of ads promoting Nissin ramen noodles…so you know it has to be quick and salty.

Bandai says it has been woking with Microsoft and Memory-Tech Corporation to optimize the VC-1 compression coden for Japanese anime so Freedom’s visuals are sharp and clear, and will be among the first titles to incorporate HDi technology, which Bandai hopes to leverage to provide new ways to enjoy the title as well as offer value-added products.

Expect Freedom to be available June 26 for a suggested price of $39.99; it’ll be in Japanese with English subtitles.