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Beats Solo 3 headphones are on sale in early Prime Day deals

The Beats Solo3 wireless headphones on top of a table.
Jaron Schneider / Digital Trends / Digital Trends

The world has moved on to the Beats Solo 4, and that means great deals on the Beats Solo 3 are here. As part of early Prime Day headphones deals, you can save $60 on the Beats Solo 3 from Walmart. They’re trying to get ahead of the game, getting your dollars now before all of the Prime Day deals begin and in this case we think it is worth it. Just tap the button below to get your Beats Solo 3 for just $119, down quite a lot from the usual $179. Or, keep reading to see why these headphones (at this price) are still worth it in 2024.

Why you should buy the Beats Solo 3

It may sound odd, but the best place to start with the Beats Solo 3 is the Beats Solo 4. As stated in our Beats Solo 4 review, the Beats Solo 4 are “a gentle evolution of the Solo 3 Wireless, and not a raucous revolution. The shape, the design, the controls — even the price — all remain untouched.” Now, adding future clarification, we can see that the are still $199 today. The price is not the same. As a result, you are getting headphones that are older, sure, but also $80 cheaper than very similarly designed modern headphones.

Now that we’ve established context, what of the Beats Solo 3 themselves? Our Beats Solo 3 review reveals headphones that have a good battery life and work well with Apple products (Beats and Apple are clearly very tight, now, but it still shocks some people). That can make these some of the best AirPods alternatives for those on a budget. What might also shock you, given the age-old Beats reputation for bringing the bass, is that these are mid-heavy, not putting as much emphasis on deep or shrill tones in your music. These are good quality headphones for the average listener.

To pick up your Beats Solo 3, all you need to do is tap the button below. You’ll see them available at Walmart being sold for just $119. That’s $60 off of their usual price of $179. If you’re still not sold, go check out our favorite budget headphones and more Beats headphones deals to do some comparison shopping.

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