From simple and connected to downright gorgeous, these are the best TCL TVs

The company may be best known for its affordable screens, but the best TCL TVs absolutely compete with all but the highest-end sets from more name-brand TV manufacturers. We’ve spent time with TCL’s entire TV lineup and picked four of our favorites, ranging from small and affordable to big and beautiful.

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TCL S305

The TCL S305 is an affordable, entry-level TV that ranges in size from 28 to 49 inches, with the 28- and 32-inch screens offering 720 pixel-per-inch resolution, and everything larger offering 1080p full HD. As with every TCL TV, the S305 features the ROKU OS smart TV platform built-in, which makes it extremely easy to use for those who love streaming video. One thing to note for frequent streamers is that there is no Ethernet port, so all updates and streaming must happen over Wi-Fi — you’ll want to make sure that there’s a solid wireless connection wherever you set up your TV. Also, the included Roku remote doesn’t have a headphone jack, so those who want to stream quietly will have to use the smartphone or tablet app (our preferred method). In terms of picture, the S305 has good color, but it isn’t especially bright, so those who view in a room with lots of sunlight and glare may want to step up to a higher-end model.

TCL S405

The TCL S405 greatly improves upon its younger brother in terms of picture quality, offering 4K Ultra-HD resolution, standard high dynamic range (HDR) support, and more intense brightness at a moderately higher price. We love how well the built-in Roku OS handles 4K streaming from popular services on this TV, and consider this a remarkably solid option at its price point.

TCL P-Series

The TCL P-Series TV is a game changer in terms of price-to-performance ratio in that it offers both HDR10 and Dolby Vision support, a full-array backlighting system with 72 zones of local dimming, and gorgeous color performance out of the box. That’s a lot of tech for a fraction of the price you’d pay for it from any higher-end manufacturer. Needless to say, this TV has excellent black levels and detail and a very uniform picture across the screen — and is easily able to hold its own against much more expensive options.

TCL C-Series

The TCL C-Series was designed with good looks in mind, taking many of the same performance elements from the P-Series (HDR10 and Dolby Vision support, gorgeous color performance), but ditching the full-array backlighting system in favor of advanced edge-lighting to achieve a thinner form factor. That said, it does very well for an edge-lit TV, achieving remarkable brightness while showcasing the sort of premium design elements you are looking for to dress up your living room or bedroom.