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Boxee delays Netflix app again

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Boxee and Netflix are having some trouble seeing eye to eye. On its official blog today, Boxee’s Andrew Kippen revealed that the app has been delayed again. Though the app is finished, works, and is running fine, Boxee has been unable to meet Netflix’s strict security requirements. Kippen did not provide technical details, but said the Boxee team is working as fast as they can to resolve the issue.

“There’s not a day that goes by without dozens of emails, comments, tweets, asking about Netflix,” said Kippen. “We all want it. We hear you in every medium (even audience cries at the Crunchies) that you tell us you want it and we’re doing everything we know to do to make this happen as quickly as possible.”

The last time we heard about Boxee and Netflix was back in November, when the company’s set-top box launched. Though Netflix is available on a number of devices, the company’s strict streaming security requirements have also kept it off of Android devices for the time being. Netflix and Google are working together to resolve this issue as well. Netflix claims that its service will come to select Android devices sometime in the near future.

One of the main problems may be the nature of systems like Boxee and Android, which are partial open source projects. Unlike Apple’s iOS and most TV and media platforms, which are closed down by default, these platforms were designed to be more open.

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