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CES 2010 Video – Panasonic and Direct TV 3D Channel Partnership

panasonic directv partnership-poster

Direct TV’s new 3D television channel will be debuting this June in 1080p and will offer a whole bunch of 3D content. Direct TV debuted its exclusive 3D channel on a Panasonic VIERA Cast 3D compatible HDTV. 3D is taking over and we are loving every minute of it.

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Marantz and Denon offer more immersive experiences with new Auro-3D upgrades
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Surround sound has come a long way since its inception, but for the most part it has remained relatively "flat" in that while you'll hear sounds from in front, left, right, and behind you, in real life, sounds come from above and below you, too. In recent years a number of solutions have sought to add this level of immersion -- Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for example -- but the technology behind the scenes can vary.

At a basic level, Auro-3D technology simply adds height information to traditional 2D surround sound, but this is handled in a unique way. This format adds a height layer that can be encoded within 5.1 surround sound, and decoded by a capable receiver, adding both height-specific sound and height reflections.

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Want to 3-D print your own neopixel LED display TV? Now you can
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Between all the telescopes, rocket engines, and body parts that people are printing these days, there are so many crazy additive manufacturing projects in the world that a 3D-printed TV hardly seems noteworthy at this point. But while we might not normally bat an eye at this kind of thing, Teleavia Matrix is different.

Unlike most complex 3D-printed objects, which require expensive industrial-grade printers, this retro-style LED-powered TV can actually be printed on just about any consumer-grade 3D printer on the market. You can make the entire thing with just a couple hundred bucks in parts -- and a 3D printer, of course.

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RealD to Power Samsung’s 3D TVs

Slowly but surely details on CES 2010 3D technology products are being revealed. In a statement today, Samsung Electronics and RealD announced their happy 3D partnership, but stopped it at that—no Samsung 3D TV line-ups were mentioned. Samsung’s new 3D TV line-up will support the stereoscopic RealD Format to deliver “high-quality 3D content” and improve the TV viewing (more…)

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