Control4’s Triad One Streaming amp transforms your home into a multiroom mecca

Today at the CEDIA 2017 show in San Diego, California the home automation specialists at Control4 announced a suite of high-resolution, multiroom audio hardware under the company’s newly-acquired Triad brand. Among the selections are some high-end matrix audio switchers and multi-channel amplifiers designed to deliver heart-stopping sound in any room of the home, from any source, all from a central nerve center — the kind of stuff the well-to-do get installed when building their posh new pads. But the piece that caught our attention is something anyone wanting simple, straightforward, super-sweet sound can appreciate. Introducing the Triad One Streaming Amplifier.

Rather than building an all-in-one wireless multiroom speaker, which have become ubiquitous in the audio realm, Control4 opted to give customers the flexibility to use their favorite speakers and juice them up with 200 watts of hearty, clean amplification. This essentially transforms any set of speakers into a wireless streaming powerhouse. But the Triad One Streaming Amplifier goes several steps further.

With multiple digital and analog inputs, a subwoofer output, and an infrared repeater, the Triad One is capable of rallying a turntable, PC, TV, and pretty much any other source under one roof and offering complete control of those components through Control4’s app for smartphones and tablets, no added equipment required.

Of course, if one were to want to expand into a larger Control4 system, that is also an option, as the Triad One easily integrates into any of Control4’s more elaborate setups.

In addition, simply by connecting to the internet, the Triad One Streaming Amplifier can be controlled by Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa, using any of Amazon’s Echo speaker products. With a little help from a Control4 programming expert, a simple voice command like “Alexa, play my Rock playlist on Spotify,” will result in nearly instantaneous response, with music flowing through one or several rooms, depending on how many Triad One ampls are in use throughout a home.

Along with the new amplifier announcement, Control4 also noted that Spotify and iHeart Radio join an already long list of native streaming apps, which includes Pandora, Tidal, and TuneIn as well.

The Triad One Streaming Amplifier is expected to cost $700, is available through Control4 dealers nationwide, and comes with a two-year warranty.