Dish Network’s Super Joey DVR companion makes its heroic debut

dishs super joey dvr companion makes debut dish network ces 2014

The Dish Network faithful will have to give up some of their Auto Hop options (Auto Hoptions?) for ABC programming soon, thanks to a recent deal Dish cut with ABC’s big poppa, Disney. But subscribers can take some solace this week thanks to the release of the Super Joey, a supplement to the Hopper DVR that adds two more tuners for a total of an impressive eight recording options at once.

Surrounded by a troop of kangaroo mascots, colorful Dish Network CEO John Clayton first unveiled the Super Joey at CES 2014, garnering an “Editors Choice” from for its additive recording powers. The Super Joey may be a lot smaller than its companion piece, the Hopper, but it’s 1305 MHz BCM7346 processor is every bit as powerful, according to Dish.

With the addition of the new Super Joey, subscribers will be able to record up to eight programs, including four programs from the major broadcast networks, including CBS, NBC, Fox, and ABC, as well as four of their choice from any Dish Network content. As an alternative, viewers can record five programs from any channel of their choosing.

In addition to the Super Joey, Dish has two other DVR companions up its sleeve that it has yet to release, including the Wireless Joey, which allows for Wi-Fi access to Dish content for a clutter-free connection in places normal DVR boxes can’t reach, and the Virtual Joey, a clever companion app that will turn third party devices like a Playstation or an LG televisioninto a surrogate DVR. No word yet on the release of Super Joey’s siblings.

Dish hasn’t officially announced pricing for the Super Joey as of yet, but if you’re part of the Dish Network family, you can order one up today.