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Rain or shine, take your tunes outside with Focal’s new speaker line

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For over three decades, French audio brand Focal has dominated home theaters and living rooms across the globe, bringing gorgeous design at audiophile-grade sound to countless eardrums along the way.

On Tuesday, November 6, the company announced two new products that will break through your walls and out into the yard, sharing the new 100 OD6 and 100 OD8 models.

Unlike many of the company’s top-tier models — which feature near-statuesque looks and flashy car paint — the 100 OD line is designed to blend into the natural landscape, with simple looks in either black or ready-to-paint white colorways.

The models differ in terms of the size of speaker driver, with the OD6 sporting a 6-inch bass driver, and the OD8 featuring an 8-inch driver — presumably offering an improved bass response. In either case, the speakers should prove robust additions to your outdoor landscape; the 100 OD line has a robust IP66 rating, which means they are both water and dust-proof.

Both models have Focal-designed mounting systems that allow them to be placed either vertically or horizontally, which means they should fit into any patio, pool cabana, or other outdoor environments with ease. In typically Focal form, every aspect of this speaker has been thoughtfully designed. Even the mounting bracket has been made from solid, anti-rust aluminum, providing you with peace of mind for years to come.

We expect the two new models of wired outdoor speakers to be a great addition to a relatively sparse segment of the market. Frankly, there just aren’t many high-end audio companies going after the wired outdoor speaker market — instead, most are focusing on Bluetooth or other portable models.

That’s a shame because what better place to enjoy your favorite tunes in maximum possible quality than in the comfort of your own backyard during a barbecue, pool session, or while doing some gardening.

Those considering the new Focal outdoor line will be happy to know that they won’t break the bank: The 100 OD6 speaker will cost $199 each, and the 100 OD8 will cost $249 each. For more information about the two new models, you can head to Focal’s website, or speak to your local Focal dealer.

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