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FuboTV gets into the betting game with its first sportsbook

The era of betting on sports in the United States is upon us, and streaming service FuboTV is getting in on the action with the launch of its first sportsbook. The aptly named Fubo Sportsbook is available now in Iowa for those at least 21 years old, which is the usual age for this sort of gambling in the U.S.

Fubo Sportsbook is a combination of wagering and sports information and intertainment with “an industry-first integration of an owned-and-operated sports wagering platform with a live TV streaming experience.” The “Watching Now” feature of the app uses FuboTV’s first-party data (that is, what it’s learned about you over time) “to allow users to instantly view wagering content based upon what they are streaming — even as they change the channel.”

Fubo Sportsbook is available at or as an iOS app. Fubo says that it will roll out additional features to the app upon receiving regulatory approval that will integrate even further with the FuboTV experience.

Fubo Sportsbook on iPhone graphics.

“We’re thrilled to launch Fubo Sportsbook and begin to bring U.S. sports fans a next-level interactive viewing and betting experience — one entirely tailored to the sports and entertainment they care about most,” Scott Butera, president of Fubo Gaming, said in a press release. “As the industry continues to expand, it is increasingly important to meet sports fans’ growing demand for personalized and immersive experiences. By integrating with FuboTV, we aim to make that a reality.”

FuboTV is one of the smaller streaming services in the United States, with 681,721 as of the second quarter of 2021. Its streaming plans start at $65 a month and are comparable to the leading services in the U.S., Hulu With Live TV and YouTube TV, which also share that monthly price. FuboTV has a strong stable of sports content, including a number of sports-centric add-ons that aren’t available anywhere else. FuboTV also is one of the only services (along with YouTube TV) that has any sort of live sporting events available in 4K resolution.

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