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Fubo Radio launches with 10 AI-powered stations for your TV

The electronic program guide for Fubo Radio

Fubo (formerly FuboTV), the sports-centric, live TV streaming service, is getting into the radio game, today announcing the launch of Fubo Radio, 10 AI-powered streaming stations that U.S. Fubo customers can listen to on their TVs starting today.

Dubbed Fubo Radio, the 10 new “FAST channel radio stations” (FAST stands for free, ad-supported television) were created in partnership with Super Hi-Fi, whose AI-driven platform and tools have been used to create curated “radio experiences” for the likes of Sonos (Sonos Radio HD), iHeartRadio, Peloton, and others.

According to Super Hi-Fi’s website, they “worked directly with Fubo to learn all about the Fubo customer and the Fubo brand, and to tease out a methodical strategy for precisely what kind of radio stations would be within the overall Fubo product experience.” As of today in the U.S., those 10 Fubo Radio stations are available and include Hits Radio, Hip-Hop One, Top Country, Classic Rock, 90s Alternative, Éxitos Latinos, The Holidays, Coffee Time, The ’80s, and Dinner Party.

What sets this venture apart from other internet radio services that Super Hi-Fi has worked with is that, according to Fubo, it’s the first time a radio experience has been created for an OTT (over-the-top) internet TV service with a TV-based interface. And while customers listening to music through their TVs is something that Fubo is betting on, it might not be wrong. With the widespread use of smart TVs and streaming devices, it’s no surprise that a recent report from Hub Entertainment showed that 49% of those surveyed said that they were also using their TVs to stream music.

“Fubo customers “Come for the Sports and Stay for the Entertainment,” which is why bolstering our sports-first content offering with entertainment is always a priority,” said David Gandler, co-founder and CEO of Fubo. “The addition of FAST channel radio stations, Fubo Radio, to our programming lineup diversifies our entertainment choices and redefines what it means to be a cable TV replacement for the entire family.”

Fubo has been growing steadily as a live TV streaming service, and gaining popularity. It currently ranks fourth in the U.S. with about 1.17 million subscribers. Fubo Radio is available now and is included with Fubo’s $75 per month Pro plan (which is also included as part of the higher tier Elite and Premiere plans).

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