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Pixel Buds Pro firmware update adds 5-band EQ

If you have the new Google Pixel Buds Pro, be on the lookout for a firmware update that’s going to make some of the best buds of 2022 that much better. The update adds a full 5-band EQ, with individual sliders to adjust the sound precisely how you like it. Here’s how to adjust the Pixel Buds Pro EQ.

There also are a number of new presets, Google says, “tuned by our audio engineers.” You’ll also see updates for controls to the left/right balance (so you can push things to one side more than the other, if you prefer), as well as some other unnamed bug fixes.

Google Pixel Buds Pro update.
Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

The update requires you to have Version 1.0.474476083 (or newer) of the Pixel Buds app, and your buds themselves will be on Version 3.14.

Missing from this update, however, is spatial audio, which Google said from the jump would be coming to the Pixel Buds Pro at some point. So stay tuned.

Now is a good time to consider the Pixel Buds Pro if you haven’t already. They’re part of the second round of Amazon’s giant don’t-call-it-Prime Day sale, which lops off nearly 25% of the cost to take things down to $152.

Google also mentioned that it’s got a new color of the lower-end (but still very good) Pixel Buds A-Series. If charcoal gray is your thing, you can get your preorder on now for $99. (The other two colors are currently on sale for $69.)

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