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The House of Rock gear list that would make any studio atl least a little jealous

house of rock specs attic recording studio mixing board
Duality 48-channel wrap-around console custom made for the House of Rock Image used with permission by copyright holder

System Specs

Apple Mac Pro Quadcore with Monitor, OSX Lion
Avid HD I/O Interfaces (3)
Avid HD I/O Interfaces (3)
Pro Tools 10
Custom SSL Duality Console (48 Tracks Input)
1 of 1 Barefoot Full-Range Monitors
ProAc Studio 100 Near-field Monitors
Custom built drum room with full view over the studio
Blue Signature Mic Cables (72)
Ultimate Mic Stands (36)
Custom built mic panels throughout the whole house! Record in the studio, library, great hall, and balcony.

Blue Microphones: Studio/Stage/USB

Bottle w/ Capsule Kit (1)
Cactus (1)
Kiwi (3)
Woodpecker (2)
Blueberry (2)
Bottle Rocket Stage 1 & 2 (1 each)
Mouse (4)
Dragonfly (6)
Reactor (1)
Baby Bottle (1)
Bluebird (1)
Yeti Pro (2)
Spark (1)
Stage Mics: enCORE 100 (12), 200 (7), 300 (7), 100i (8)

Studio Equipment

Outboard/Microphone Preamps

Burl B1 microphone preamplifier (2)
Burl B1D microphone preamplifier (2)
Millennia HV-35 microphone Preamplifier (6)
Tonelux MP5A discrete microphone preamplifier (2)
Tonelux EQ5P discrete parametric equalizer (2)
Tonelux TX5C compressor (2)
Moog ‘The Ladder’ dynamic transistor ladder filters (2)
Little Labs ‘Voice Of God’ analog bass resonance tool (2)
Dramatic Audio Obsidian 500 stereo compressor
Inward Connections ‘VOGAD’ (Voice-Operated Gain Adjusting Device) compressor
Inward Connections ‘The Brute’ opto compressor (2)
Inward Connections ‘Magnum’ VU microphone preamp
Inward Connections ‘Nitro EQ’ 2-band parametric equalizer
Chandler Limited ‘Little Devil’ FET-compressor
Chandler Limited ‘Little Devil’ microphone preamplifier
Chandler Limited ‘Little Devil’ equalizer
Chandler Limited Germanium 500 microphone preamplifier
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 543 compressor (2)
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 517 microphone preamplifier w/ compressor (2)
Retro ‘Doublewide’ single-channel tube compressor
Purple Audio ‘The Biz MK’ microphone preamplifier (2)
Purple Audio ‘TAV’ 10-band graphic equalizer (2)
Purple Audio ‘MOIYN’ 8×2 mixer module
Purple Audio ‘CANS’ discrete stereo headphone amp and control room preamplifier
Electrodyne 501 discrete microphone preamplifier
Electrodyne 511 2-band parametric equalizer
BAE Matt Sorum signature series 312B microphone preamplifier
BAE 312A microphone preamplifier
Mäag Audio PREQ4 microphone preamplifier w/ air band equalizer
Mäag Audio EQ4 microphone preamplifier w/ 6-band equalizer
A-designs Audio EM-PEQ equalizer
AEA RPQ500 microphone preamplifier w/ equalizer (2)
Grace Designs M502 optical compressor (2)
Grace Designs M501 microphone preamplifier (2)
Teletronics LA-2A opto-compressor
UREI 1176 LN Silverface FET-compressor
Neve 1079 microphone preamplifier w/ EQ (2)
Helios EQ (2)
DBX 160 VU compressor (2)
Retro STA-Level tube compressor
Retro 176 tube compressor
Purple Audio M77 FET-compressor
Millennia STT-1 all-in-one recording system
Waves Audio Puigchild Hardware compressor/limiter
Summit Audio MPC-100A microphone preamplifier w/ compressor/limiter
Eventide H8000 multi-channel effects system w/remote control
Rare vintage hardware units from Jack Joseph Puig’s Personal Collection


Fender Jaguar
Fender Eddie Van Halen Wolfgang Special
Fender American Vintage Stratocaster Special Edition
Guild Acoustic Guitar


Fender Jazz Bass
Fender Precision Bass
Fender Steve Harris Precision Bass


Moog – Mini Voyager
Yamaha – Modus F01 PR Slim Line

Drums and Percussion

1956 4-Piece Gretch Roundbadge Drum Kit
K Custom Dark Hi Hat 14”
K Custom Dark Crash 17”/13”
A Custom Ride 22”


Vox AC 30
Fender Super Sonic
Fender Machete
Fender Twin Reverb
Fender Vibrolux
Dumble Overdrive Special


Beyer Dynamics DT-770 (15)
Manley Cue Boxes (3) 
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