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IK Multimedia’s iLoud Micro Monitors pack high-end sound into a tiny package

ik multimedia iloud micro monitors monitor
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Studio reference monitors are known for a lot of things — accurate frequency reproduction and premium construction, for example — but being small isn’t one of those things. IK Multimedia aims to change that with its iLoad Micro Monitors, which it calls the smallest active studio reference monitoring system in the world.

Speakers aimed at consumers don’t often provide flat frequency response, aiming for sound that is pleasing to the ear rather than accurate. The iLoud Micro Monitor system on the other hand aims to provide linear frequency response, which is meant more for musicians, audio professionals, and audio enthusiasts.

Each speaker features a 3-inch composite woofer, front-firing bass reflex port, and a .75-inch silk dome tweeter. The drivers are powered by four class D power amplifiers, providing a combined 50W RMS of power. Despite the small size, the system aims to provide serious sound, with IK Multimedia claiming bass down to 55 Hz at -3 dB.

To customize the sound, the iLoud Micro Monitor uses an onboard 56-bit digital signal processor (DSP). This DSP can be manipulated via three EQ switches, with bass and treble toggle switches that boost the low and high end respectively, as well as a “Desktop” toggle switch that allows the speakers to be used in either a free field or desktop setup.

While you won’t find high-end connectivity options here like XLR or 1/4-inch balanced jacks, there are multiple ways to connect. Both RCA and 1/8-inch inputs are provided, with an RCA cable included in the box. If you’d rather not involve wires, Bluetooth connectivity is also available. The speakers can be placed on a desktop like any other speakers, but also include mic stand mounts for those who would prefer to better isolate the sound.

The iLoud Micro Monitor system is shipping now and retails for $300. The system is available via various music and electronics retailers, as well as the IK Multimedia website.

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